What’s Your Motivation for Renovation?
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What’s Your Motivation for Renovation?

What’s Your Motivation for Renovation?

Recently I read an article in one of my national trade magazines on adding the newest trend in our industry is to prove the return on investment on a remodeling project.  While I agreed with most points in the article, I found one major flaw at least from my prospective.  As a remodeling contractor who has specialized in the design-build process for over a decade, I can attest this isn’t a new trend in our business.


Making it Their Own

We have been advising our clients to remodel for their own personal satisfaction. After all, most have been in their current home for over ten years and have no plans to relocate anytime soon. They aren’t looking for cookie-cutter approaches; if so, there are mass production builders and spec builders all over Jacksonville who appeal to the masses. When a client elects to undertake a custom remodeling project or a true custom home build, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to make it their own.


Splurging on Tubs

Our clients have been electing to not re-install large soaking tub in the master bathroom that they have never used and instead electing for custom showers that have body sprays and steam showers. Some of our clients still love those long hot baths but now they splurge on free standing tubs that have aromatherapy and air jets.

Bath Remodel Jacksonville, FL

Creating Functionality

We have been building amazing functioning laundry/mudroom to house bulk Costco purchases and places for mom to fold, hang and organize all her families’ laundry.  For several years now, our clients have long been considering the needs of the furry family members with built in dog dishes in kitchen cabinetries and we have even disguised a beautiful dog crates that hide away in laundry rooms. Let’s not forget the numerous walls we have moved in those 1990’s Florida executive homes to allow for open kitchens with large islands for families to congregate.

Jacksonville Remodeler

The bottom line is being a design build firm we have been so honored to assist many families in customizing their spaces. We have long recognized that families renovate to meet their individual families lifestyle and they have found the value in allocating their hard earned dollars into something that really provides them an intrinsic value…a personalized space that meets their families needs.


So, think out of the box and do something that’s uniquely just for you and how you live In Your spaces. Chances are you will never regret enjoying this once in a lifetime experience, if it’s done right the first time. Take your time, think the process through and select a design professional to help you build to life itself.


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