Remodel Your Outdoor Living Space On A Budget
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Remodel Your Outdoor Living Space On A Budget

Remodel Your Outdoor Living Space On A Budget

Outdoor living is getting in full swing and it’s time to start entertaining and gearing up for backyard cookouts and fellowship with friends making it the perfect time to remodel your outdoor living area. Summertime is upon us and as many head to the beaches to enjoy the summer fun, a lot of us want to stay a little closer to home. Some of you may be wondering how to do this and remodel your outdoor living space on a summertime budget, and it’s easier than you think.

Here are four easy tips to summer-ize your space!

Slipcovers and Pillows

First off, you need to look both inside AND outside.  Time to dust off the winter drab from our living spaces in both areas.  Bring in that summer fun with bright colors and vivid prints by changing out your dark, heavy textured accent pillows with fresh new covers.  You can also slipcover your furniture with lightweight linen in a cool neutral color so those pillows can really pop. These can easily be cleaned and stored after the season to be used again and again.

Water features, Flowers and Dishes

Try painting some terra-cotta flowerpots and plant some beautiful flowers in them.  Use them as accents near the pool or water feature.  Speaking of, if you don’t have one, pick up a small water feature and plug in for instant ambiance.  Surrounded by some flowering plants and candles, some comfy chairs and you’ve created a perfect outdoor reading nook. When you’re ready to put the book down, make sure you invested in some fun, brightly colored plastic dishware and glasses for serving wine and tapas around the house both inside and out during the season.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Flea Market Finds

One of the biggest trends right now is using eco-friendly things. There are a lot of salvage yards around or hit up some garage sales to find lots of very interesting and cool unique ideas. Try thinking outside of the box for some of your patio furniture or accessories by using something old to create something new. Sometimes it’s just about taking an old worn-out table or your grandmother’s old metal tray and spray-painting it with a bright color like turquoise or hot pink to use out by the pool or add to your indoor living space.

Ambiance of Lighting

Christmas tree lights aren’t just for Christmas. Take the lights off the tree that you just took down a couple of months ago, and string those in your patio to simulate the summer sky and the stars when you’re entertaining.  Wrap your trees or string overhead for a canopy of stars. Nothing is more romantic and inviting than sitting under the lights with their soft glow, while lounging in your outdoor space with friends and family. And don’t forget, low lighting makes EVERYTHING look great!

Whether you enjoy the bright summer sun or warm summer nights, outdoor living and bringing your indoors out is sure to brighten your spirit and all those around you. Take the summer plunge and begin your remodel!

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