Design Trends: What buyers love in Kitchens and Baths
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Design Trends: What buyers love in Kitchens and Baths

Design Trends: What buyers love in Kitchens and Baths

DESIGN TRENDS: From modern white kitchens to earthy tones in baths, we reveal the latest design trends Jacksonville buyers want.


Consumers often rate the kitchen as the most important room in the home, and with good reason: this hardworking area is the spot where families and friends gather together most. Baths, as the serenity space where homeowners go to relax and unwind, follow closely in status. So, what do buyers want in these most-loved spaces?

A Homesphere sponsored webinar, “Kitchen and Bath Trends” presented by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, highlighted some of the interior design trends that are popular among homeowners now. In a consumer survey from JBREC and DesignLens, respondents ranked interior style as their most important home feature, even beating out “home size” and “location.” Buyers rated “modern traditional,” “casual organic,” and “traditional” as their top three style preferences.

Clean lines and natural-tone finishes coupled with sophisticated design features are characteristics that buyers want in their kitchens and baths. Homeowners’ value function and form over the size of a home, so small design details can go a long way when creating a practical yet stylish space. Here are some of the top design takeaways for kitchens and baths:

Take it Easy

When in doubt, stay simple. An all-white color scheme remains a top design trend among consumers for the clean look that it gives kitchens and baths. Clean edges and streamlined fixtures create chic, modern spaces while keeping design straightforward.

organic tones

Organic Tones Connect with Nature

The “casual organic” style that buyers prefer incorporates natural surfaces and raw tones to make homes feel more down-to-earth. Using natural wood finishes on countertops and wall panels is a stylish way for buyers to feel like they are bringing the outside in. In baths, natural finishes and textures enhance the spa-like, serene feel that buyers crave when looking to relax in their home and disconnect from the outside world. Buyers are shying away from the artificial and opting for more windows to increase natural light within the home.

color pop

A Pop of Color

Color goes a long way in a room and costs next to nothing to incorporate. A bright wall or vibrant accent features can transform a bland space into something exciting. Such a simple addition can make a big difference.

design trends

Add Dimension with Texture

Clean countertop lines and white finishes may be what buyers are looking for, but the addition of a textured backsplash or exposed material is the extra component that will enhance the character of a kitchen or bath. This takes the “pop of color” trend one step further to embellish the surfaces and provide dimension to a simple room.

functional style

Functional Style

Homeowners are practical; after all, at the end of the day, the most important design element of any home is that it functions well for its residents’ daily life. For buyers looking to maximize function in a small home without taking away from appearance, shelves offer the perfect combination of simple and sensible storage. Shelving in kitchens creates a more open feel than traditional cabinets—and costs less to install, too.

Unique light fixtures can also serve as a key design element in a room as an easy and quick way to add flavor and style to the space.

Adding the “little extras” will set the home apart from the pack and help buyers feel like they are making the most of their space—pull-out drawers in kitchen cabinets, island extensions, and cutting board attachments on the sink are all examples of the useful additions that buyers love.

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