Bathroom Remodeling: Bathroom Fixtures
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Bathroom Remodeling: Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom Remodeling: Bathroom Fixtures

BATHROOM REMODELING: Gone are the days of very plain bathroom fixtures: All function and no fashion.

While choosing bathroom faucets and showerheads for your bathroom remodeling project is an exercise in fashion sense as well as practicality. Modern bathroom fixtures offer a great way to update your bathroom style without adding too much to your remodeling budget.

At the sink

Now is your chance to update the outdated bathroom faucet you have been using every day and no longer even notice. This one small update can transform the style of the sink area.Ask your bathroom designer about sleeker chrome or stainless steel faucets for a fresh, modern look. There are so many choices now for bathroom faucet finishes, styles and spout options. You will know the right look when you see it!

In the shower

As you update your shower, carefully consider your shower fixture choices. Would you like a wall-mounted shower head, possibly with a hand-held attachment? In addition to the popular rain shower head option there is also a low-flow showerhead to help you conserve water.

It has been estimated that showering accounts for 30% of water usage in a home. Save water (and money) by adding a low-flow showerhead during your bathroom remodel. Modern designs for showerheads have improved on the water saving feature so you won’t sacrifice water pressure when using a water saving showerhead.

Body Sprayers (wall mounted shower jets) are becoming popular for a rejuvenation spa experience at home. Look into this added luxury as you consider your shower options.

For the tub

No matter what style of bathtub you choose for your bathroom remodel, there is a beautiful fixture available to go with it. Depending on your bathroom design, you may be able to simply choose a handheld shower and faucet combination to match your shower.

Currently there are so many bathroom fixture choices for you to consider, you will want to ask your bathroom remodeler to guide you in getting exactly the fixture you want. Almost all manufacturers allow you to customize your fixture choice by design, finish, type (jetted shower, tub or shower, or combination of tub and shower) and extra features. Trust your bathroom local remodeler to guide you.

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